Top 6 Franchise Quarterbacks Right Now

Top 6 Franchise Quarterbacks Right Now

That's it, week 10 is just about over with only Monday night game left to play. We see Josh Allen not be able to close out in overtime again losing to the Vikings putting him at 0-4 in overtime games. Now there is a lot of discussion around social media about what are the top 5 NFL QB's right now. As you know we love lists over here so let's get down to it of Quarterbacks you want for your franchise but the decision of who is in and who is out is too hard to make so we're going to do top 6. 

6. Joe Burrow
Now we don't know if most of this success has to do with his Wide Receiver talent being above average but he has shown success this season even without Chase as far as running a franchise, this is one of them ones you'd want. 

5. Tua Tagovailoa
It's honestly hard to put him here at five considering the season he has had so far, but I also think the media is pushing everyone to think he's better than he his. He's great and his production has been amazing since the addition of Tyreek Hill, but you see some of those inconsistencies when passing that players like Lamar Jackson would get scrutinized for making. 

4. Lamar Jackson
Now I know it may seem like a little Louisville love but there's no way you wouldn't want this guy for your franchise. Not sure why the Ravens don't want to give him the big bucks especially with an MVP under his belt. Give him the WR talent that Burrow has and this could be one of the greatest offenses of all time. 

3. Jalen Hurts
Sitting at 8-0 on the season looking to go 9-0 in tonights game, Jalen Hurts seems like a safe pick here at 3 based on this season alone. However, it's still hard to put an unproven Jalen Hurts above the likes of Lamar Jackson. Jalen does seem to have that natural talent build for the Qb position above Lamar that's what's going to give him the edge here. 

2. Josh Allen
Although this last game didn't prove this or help this argument at all, there is not many teams in the NFL that wouldn't pick up this guy if they had the chance. In fact, I think there is maybe the Chiefs and it would still be a hard decision for them to make. This is one of those dual threat QB's similar to Jalen Hurts who has that size and ability to make plays. 

1. Patrick Mahomes
The only real proven player on this list. Mahomes ability to lead a team, win football games, and make plays happen is what earns him this one spot. Although the media is similar to Tua where they don't scrutinize him for some mistakes that they do Lamar, either way this is the perfect example of the next generation of QB's for the NFL.

Let me know if they should be arranged or if there is someone who should've made the cut in your eyes but didn't down below.