Top 5 Runnings Backs So Far

Top 5 Runnings Backs So Far

The reason we say so far is because you never know what is going to happen the rest of the season. Some of these players could hit a slump, god forbid but some of them could get hurt, or even it's a possibility they lose their starting job somehow. 

Right before week 11 NFL Sunday begins let's dive into the top 5 running backs this season. Disclaimer before we start that this is not a fantasy list, so just because your fantasy guy is doing numbers don't mean he's on this list.

5. Dameon Pierce - Houston Texans
Now the Houston bias might be coming out a little bit right here but Pierce, as a rookie by the way is at 6th in total rushing yards this season. Being on a struggling team completely he doesn't crack the top 25 in rushing touchdowns this season, but his game averages are above most, he just doesn't have that super huge rushing game to level him somewhere in the top 3. 

4. Josh Jacobs - Las Vegas Raiders
Another struggling team another great guy in the backfield. After a rough start for Jacobs trying to get involved in the offense as well as running back drama, the Raiders have finally decided to take advantage of him in the backfield. He is currently 4th in rushing yards so far this season and tied 4th for rushing touchdowns this season. 

3. Nick Chubb - Cleveland Browns
For the start of this season Chubb was looking like the number one guy to have in your backfield. However, he was still seen splitting carries with Kareem Hunt. If Chubb were to have the workload that these other guys have there is a large chance he'd be the number 1 back. Currently on the season he's sitting at 3rd in rushing yards and first in rushing touchdowns. 

2. Derrick Henry - Tennessee Titans
Currently leading the league by 70 rushing yards in which Henry has already played his week 11 matchup. However, we also see him at number 2 in touchdowns this season as well. An outstanding back, who has lost a lot of touchdown potential to Hilliard so far this season. 

1. Saquan Barkley - New York Giants
It's hard to argue with this one but I do feel like there is an argument to be made. That being said we have Barkley as our number one running back through 10 weeks so far. With a team that stills continues to win games, Barkley leads with 2nd most rushing yards and tied for 7th most rushing touchdowns so far this season. 

Maybe it's a little biased because we're all happy to see this Saquan again but I think you could make an argument for any of these guys to be in the top spot for a number of things like impact, team success, stats, etc. 

That is the list of the top 5 running backs through week 10 let us know if you agree, disagree, or if we are missing someone in the comments below.