Top 3 Songs From 'Her Loss' Album

Top 3 Songs From 'Her Loss' Album

The widely anticipated 'Her Loss' album has arrived and we have now been able to sit on it for a week. As this is being wrote up Akademiks says Drake & 21 Savage are on pace for 400K in first week sales for the album. 

Without a doubt this is one of the albums of the year so far this year with a very poor and unexciting year so far. Albums from Lil Baby and Kendrick Lamar are very good albums but nothing that has really stuck with most. 'Her Loss' is going to be one of those that is able to stick around and it feels like it really revived the hip hop scene for us. 

We love lists over here, so let's get into the top three songs on the album so far a week into it. 

3. Rich Flex
At our three spot is Rich Flex as the opening song on the album aside from the fact that it really sets the pace for the rest of the album the beat switch, flows from both artists and the bars in this one keep you all the way through.

2. Broke Boys
Coming in at the two spot is Broke Boys which is featured at track 11 in the project. Honestly it's really self explanatory in this one right away with the hook with the line "cause nobody touchin the flow". Plus who doesn't love a good diss to the Broke Boys.

1. On BS
Probably one of the most put together pieces on the album. Love the in & outs from 21 and Drake, this joint feels the most collaborative out of all the songs on the album. The two artists are really working together well on this one and you get that typical 21 Savage hook that's catchy but short and sweet.

Overall I cover what I rate the album over on my podcast with an episode im not sure if it's out yet but if not it will be soon. Generally speaking though, this album was great all the way through and there's not any misses at all. 

Let us know if you thought the album was good as well as what your top songs from it down below.