NFL Top 5 Power Rankings

NFL Top 5 Power Rankings

This blog is basically a weekly tradition. Each week reveals something new about these teams that we didn't know before so the power rankings keep changing, and most importantly I want to make sure that I am most right at all time. 

5. Philadelphia Eagles
Exposure to its max when we saw the Eagles take on the Colts and drop their first game of the season. This game really put a reality check on everyone on the actual talent of this Eagles team. They are still a good team especially offensively with tons of weapons. 

4. Miami Dolphins
It basically just comes down to whether or not this team is going to have Tua, which surprisingly makes all the difference in the world. Offense is something similar to the Eagles, where it's almost unstoppable but defense isn't bad at all but not top three worthy. 

3. Buffalo Bills
For the first time in my life it feels like I watched the Bills almost drop 3 games in a row. Narrowly beating out the Browns this week but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt because of the weather situation. 

2. Kansas City Chiefs
At this point in my mind Patrick Mahomes has secured the MVP award. With an offense that lost tons of weapons in general but specifically this week, they have showed no stop to their production. 

1. Dallas Cowboys
How bout them Cowboys? This ranking is simply for the same reasons as the teams above except they actually have an exceptional defense. Offense is a super threat, honestly better than almost every team on this list. 

Without a doubt in my mind the Cowboys are the best team in football right now and they proved that against the Vikings this week. Unstoppable offense and unstoppable defense that keeps playing to their ceiling, going to be an extreme threat come playoff time.