College Football Power Rankings

College Football Power Rankings

Following week 12 we had a lot of ranked teams losing their chance at being ranked any further as well as hopes and dreams of the college football playoffs diminish. This week, six ranked teams lost to unranked teams. Coming towards the end of the season this is the time you cannot allow this to happen the most especially for those teams on the cusp of the playoffs. 

Current CFP Rankings:

1. Georgia 11-0
2. Ohio State 11-0
3. Michigan 11-0
4. TCU 11-0
5. Tennessee 9-2
6. LSU 9-2
7. USC 10-1
8. Alabama 9-2

These are the teams I would consider to have a shot at the CFP with the way it currently stands. With Tennessee's loss to unranked South Carolina it's safe to say their hopes of the playoffs are gone. 

Now we're not ranking who is going to be in the playoffs rather who is most deserving. Basically which are the best teams to give us the best matchups for the CFP. Let's first let you know how im feeling about where each team stands.

Georgia Bulldogs
Without a doubt this has looked like the best team all year and their record has shown for it. They're a powerhouse squad and looking pretty unstoppable there is only a few teams I see competing with them. 

Ohio St. & Michigan
I can lump these two teams together because they're pretty identical. Now when you are looking at their schedule both teams have essentially the same matchups all throughout but either way both of these teams have lay-upped their way to the CFP and now they both know that whoever loses is not making it. With that being said, I think there are better teams than the both of them.

TCU Hornfrogs
Even after a risky win against Baylor, this TCU team has looked tough. They actually have multiple ranked wins in their resume. Their undefeated record goes a lot further with me than Ohio St. & Michigan. 

I think we could all tell they were frauds. Once they won over Kentucky I thought maybe this was going to be the team to beat but we later found out that this Kentucky team is also not as good as we once thought it was. Following their loss to South Carolina it's safe to say these guys are out of the discussion for good. 

Probably one team that I should give a lot more credit to than I do. In terms of two loss teams I have mixed emotions about getting into the CFP. I don't mind really, however in the past I have been a big advocate for any team that is undefeated to make the playoffs since we have a snub in those years. However, I just don't like the idea of a loss to a FSU team who's not playing for the conference championship & the loss to the fraudulent Tennessee team. The only benefit I will give this team is that their schedule is the real deal.

Originally more on the fence with this team but after watching them play UCLA this weekend I am more in favor of them. They have a lot of heart as well as a lot of talent on this team that could actually win them some football games. However, their defense I don't think is to the caliber that you would want for these CFP. However, their only loss coming from the only other ranked team they have played this year. 

Everyones favorite to see lose. Which they have done, twice this year with a loss to this Tennessee team that every ranked opponent is having trouble with but the unranked teams are not. As well as a close banger to the LSU team. It's obvious this team isn't as good as it once was. Still not sure if they're deserving of the nod over USC.

CFP Predictions (End of Season)

1. Georgia
2. Ohio St.
3. TCU
4. USC

Power Rankings
1. Georgia
2. TCU
3. Tennessee
4. LSU
5. Alabama
6. Ohio St. 
7. Michigan
8. Clemson
9. USC
10. Oregon